Managing Director's statement

Read the latest statement from ODOS Properties Founder and Managing Director James Graham, who talks about the future of ODOS.

Statement from James Graham, Founder and Managing Director of ODOS Properties.

"I am very excited for the official launch of our Version 2 Website and Software, it marks the start of our ODOS 2020 plan and the future of the business. 

After a successful business launch last year we can proudly say that we have listed over 180 properties for sale around the United Kingdom and we are ready for our next phase of growth.

ODOS 2020 is well underway, starting with the launch of our new website. The plan involves the installation of our nationwide ODOS Partners network allowing us to conduct our service with a face to face approach. 

We hope to begin a crowdfunding campaign over the next few months to fund our upscale in services, brand awareness and the secretive next steps in our 2020 plan..."

You can contact James via his email -

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