What's on offer?

There are a number of ways to sell your property with ODOS. We offer a range of different packages, from the FREEdom package where you can manage the complete process yourself to the Fully Comp package, where we will take care of everything for you. Check out the details below:

Package 1:

THE FULLY Comp package

Sit back and relax, we'll carry out all the hard work for you! Your own local ODOS Agent will list your property for you and take care of the whole process of your property sale. We have 5 different payment options for you to choose from, to save you thousands of £'s.

  • What’s included?

    Benefit from our online software aimed at making your sale transparent, informative and hassle free. Once you sign our terms and conditions your local ODOS Agent will organise an initial visit to your property. Our Agents take the photographs, write the descriptions, take measurements, organise EPC's, floorplans and keep you informed at all stages of the process. ODOS will answer enquiries for you and organise viewings for you. Sales progression, regulation and legislation is all taken care of. Your property will be listed on Rightmove, ODOS, Zoopla, Primelocation, OntheMaket, Social media and many other advertising sites.
  • Who carries out the viewings?

    We've found that many of our clients prefer to do their own viewings. You will have the option to choose whether you would like to carry out your own viewings or whether you would like your agent to instead. If you would like our agents to carry out your viewings, £199+VAT will be added onto your commission which will be paid by your solicitor on completion of your sale. You must be prepared to give your local ODOS Agent a full set of spare keys so that they can access your property. You can also choose to purchase the viewing package at a later date.
  • 5 payment options

    • The LEGAL package - £0 upfront - 0.90% (inc VAT) commission on completion - you must use our legal services
    • The NOTHING UP FRONT option - £0 upfront - 1% (inc VAT) commission on completion
    • The YING and YANG option - £179 upfront - 0.85% (in VAT) commission on completion
    • The PASS the BUCK option - (Buyer premium)- £349 upfront only - the buyer pays 0.65%(inc VAT) commission on completion
    • The UP FRONT payment option - starting at £699 (inc VAT) - pay before you list (see price bracket below) ***All prices inc VAT

  • The UP FRONT payment option price bracket

    If you choose the UP FRONT payment option the amount you will pay will depend on the value of the property:
    0-200k £699
    200k-300k £799
    300k-400k £899
    400k-500k £999
    500k-600k £1199
    600k-700k £1499
    700k-800k £2179
    800k-900k £2749
    900k-1mil £3399
    1-1.25mil £4199
    1.25-1.5mil £5099
    1.5mil-2mil £6799
    2mil+ £9999
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Package 2:


The Bargain - Bucket solution. List your property for free!

This is the 'Do it Yourself' approach to selling a property! You take the pictures, write the description, upload any relevant documents, take and organise your viewings.

What's the crack, how is it free? Simply put, it allows you to use our software and put a property advert out on ODOS. If you like our business, you can choose to upgrade at any time. Should you decide to upgrade your package you will be upgraded to our LEGAL Package. Our LEGAL Package clients pay 0.90% commission on completion and £0 upfront as they are obliged to use our Conveyancing services. Once you have upgraded your package, we will delete your DIY property listing and list the property ourselves.

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